China accepted loss of Tiktok ban and other apps

The Modi government’s virtual strike on China has dealt a major economic blow to the dragon. China itself admitted that it was losing tens of millions of dollars by banning TIKTOK alone. However, China had shown displeasure when India banned 59 apps and warned to be prepared for serious consequences. But its Global Times newspaper has said a big loss.
Chinese newspaper Global Times said in a tweet, “Banning Dance, the founder company of TikTok Company, could cause a loss of six billion dollars.”

If the figure is for only one app, then how big will be the loss due to the ban on 59 apps can be guessed.

With this decision of Modi government, the economic arithmetic of Chinese companies is sure to deteriorate. India has been a big market for Chinese companies. Along with earning from here, these companies also worked on the surveillance agenda for the Chinese government in India.

Rohtagi-Singhvi will not defend Tiktok. Two big lawyers of the country, Mukul Rohatgi and Abhishek Manu Singhvi, have refused to contest the case of the Chinese app Tiktok. Former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said on Wednesday that he would not stand in court against the government for a Chinese app. Senior Congress leader and senior advocate Singhvi also announced that he would not advocate Tiktok. Singhvi said, he had won a case for Tiktok a year earlier.

Ban opportunities for Indians: Prasad Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said, the decision to ban Chinese app is a good opportunity. Can we come up with a good app made by Indians? Dependence on foreign apps should be stopped.

IIT alumni will not use Chinese software in their project
Alumni of all IITs in the country have decided not to work on Chinese technology, software and apps. The IIT Alumni Council has announced that they will not do any work on Chinese software. Alumni Council President Ravi Sharma said that we are with the decision of the government. All IITians should cooperate in this for a self-reliant India. He also appealed to IIT students and teachers to join the campaign.

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